Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wolfe's Pens -N- Things - Updated Prices and Some New Stuff

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to see our new prices and newest pens we have for sale.

If you have any questions, email us at rob@wolfespensnthings.com or alicia@wolfespensnthings.com.

Coupons - Free Butterfingers

I was at Kroger's yesterday and I noticed that they had coupons on a Butterfinger display. The coupon was for a $1.00 of one Butterfinger and one Butterfinger Snackerz. There was no price tags so I only grabbed one of each figuring I would pay a little bit. When I rang them out, Kroger had a sale on them for $.50 each. Which made them free after the coupon. How cool is that! No tax on food in Ohio. I went back through two more times because I was in a hurry. As long as I rang one coupon per transaction the salesclerk didn't fuss too much. I may go back in the morning to get more!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wolfe's Pens -N- Things - Newest Pens

Click on image for larger photo

142 - Gold Titanium Jr Gent II Rollerball Pen with Cav's Uni Pink PR - $50.00 (This pen was made to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer research.)

151 - Black Titanium Elegant Beauty Twist Pen with Carbon Fiber Cast PR - $60.00

160 - Gun Metal Civil War Twist Pen with Rappahannock River Crib Dam Pine - $56.00 (The Rappahannock River separated the North and the South during the Civil War.)

Please visit www.wolfespensnthings.com if you would like to purchase or email rob@wolfespensnthings.com if you have any questions.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wolfe's Pens -N- Things - PITH 2010 pen for my partner

Over on IAP we have a pen swap every year called PITH (pen in the hat). The theme was your partner's national flag colors and my partner was from the USA so red, white, and blue. This year I was partnered with traderdon55. Here is the pen that I made for him. It is a Rhodium Jr Gent Rollerball from Exotic Blanks and a cast PR blank from RAdams.