Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wolfe's Pens -N- Things - New Bowl

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49 4.25" Bowl with Walnut Wood - $20.00

Please visit if you would like to purchase or email if you have any questions.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wolfe's Pens -N- Things - New Keychains

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45 Chrome Keychain with Cremson Chaos PR - $11.00

45 Chrome Keychain with Purple Dyed Spalted Maple Wood - $11.00

45 Chrome Keychain with Woody Pear Wood - $11.00

Please visit if you would like to purchase or email if you have any questions.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wolfe's Pens -N- Things - Busy Times Ahead

Busy things are happening for us. We have been working to expand our product line. Alicia has been working on scroll saw art and I have been turning bowls and key chains. We actually hope to be ready for art and craft shows this fall. We can now accept all major credits cards. Look for photos of our new products in the weeks ahead. If any of you are looking for anything in particular let us know. We might just be able to craft it for you.

New Days Off

For those that need to know I have finally gotten better days off at my full time job. I now have Sunday/Monday off from the prison. I am hoping to spend more time with family now as well as go to church. I would also like to start doing craft shows this fall. And maybe catch a football game one in a while. Now only 5 years and I can start working first shift!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Coupons - My Kroger Trip - 50% Savings!

Went to Kroger's today and with coupons and the Kroger card, I saved $56.32 and spent $58.42 cash. Almost 50% in savings. Kroger has the Mega Event going on right now where if you buy 10 of the right items you get $5 off. You can use that in conjunction with coupons for even more savings. I was able to get the full size Tombstone pizzas for $.99 because of coupons from Facebook/Tombstone. Lipton Tea - I was able to use both a coupon that was loaded on my Kroger card and one I clipped from an insert to get $1.30 off a $2.49 box of tea bags. There are many savings like that if you take the time to look for them. I was able to get Philadelphia Cream Cheese for -$.01. That's right, Kroger's paid me to buy their product. $.99 because of the Mega event and a $1.00/1 coupon equals free! I hope I can encouragement others to find these deals too.

Wolfe's Pens -N- Things - Wood From a Coworker

Every now and then two of my coworkers give me some wood to use. This was from a load of Apple and Chestnut. This piece was one of the Chestnut limbs that I am hoping to make some bowls with. It has some nice grain to it. This was one of the smaller pieces that I will use for pen blanks.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coupons - Gorton's

Go here:

Save $.50/1

On sale at Kroger's for $2.99

Remember Kroger's doubles up to $.50 so that will be a $1 off!

Wolfe's Pens -N- Things - Newest Item

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44 Pendant with Malachite Corian - $13.00

Please visit if you would like to purchase or email if you have any questions.

Photography Help?

I have been trying to figure out my new (to me) DSLR. It is a Nikon D100. I am including a photo that I have not touched up other than to resize to 800x600. I have tried to keep the camera on all auto settings. Can anyone give me some pointers? I know I can fix the photo with software but I really want to take better photos without needing to do much with software. I have not cropped the photo yet. And that is supposed to be a white background. It was taken in a photo tent with 2 lights on the side and one over it. Let me know if you need any other info about the camera or the photo.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Just wanted to let everyone know that my email and computer were somehow hacked last night. I use similar passwords for everything so I am in the process of finding the keylogger on my computer and changing the passwords for everything I visit. I really, really hate hackers.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Coupons - Command Picture Hangers

Just click on the link and print the PDF file.

$1 off Command Hooks

$1 off Command Picture Hanging Strips

Gardening - Great site!

Just found this great site:

Check it out.

Weight Loss and Exercise 2

I am on track towards my goal. I have increased my walking at work. I am doing so much now that I am getting blisters and my co-workers are asking me to sit down instead of the inmates. I did 20 min. of step aerobics last night on the Wii while watching TV. Gonna shoot for 30 min. tonight. Diet is so-so. Not eating much but that has nothing to do with dieting. Wii said I was 276 lbs last night and the regular scale said 280 this morning so not sure which is accurate. Trying to stay optimistic about this whole thing.

Free Samples - Prilosec OTC

Go to here

Wait for it to load.

Click the button that says Free Sample.

Answer the questions: Heartburn once a day, medication once a day

Fill out the form.

Free sample in up to four weeks.

While you are there at Walmart check out the other free samples they give out.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Garden 2010 - Photos

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Pumpkins (We had to move these since they came through the fence about 4ft off the ground)

Kohlrabi (Not sure if this will finish growing)

Habeneros (Some like 'em hot)

Lettuce (Not much of this came up - did much better last year)

Corn (Very left is the corncob starting to form)

Watermelon (I really hope these grow)

Tomatoes (There are hundreds of these)

Green Beans

Corn (Over 6ft tall now)

Pumpkins (These flowers are the size of dinner plates)

Pumpkins (These are going everywhere)

Peas (Not doing too well)

Carrots (Not many of them came up)

Green Beans

Wolfe's Pens -N- Things - Wood ID Help 2

This is a burl (?) a coworker gave me. I think it has been sitting out too long as it is pretty beat up but I am hoping to salvage something from it. But I am trying to figure out what it is. He thought it might be cherry but I am wondering if it isn't walnut. It did come from a tree in my part of Ohio. Thanks again for your help.

Click on image for larger photo

Wolfe's Pens -N- Things - Wood ID Help

Picked up some wood and realized I have no idea what kind it is. The only clues I have is that it was packaged in Indonesia and it is hardwood. The first 6 are 1/2" and the 2nd 6 are 3/4". I slightly dampened the wood after sanding and took pictures of the side grain and end grain. Any help identifying this wood would be greatly appreciated. TIA

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Coupons - News ones to load from Kroger

Here is the link if you wish to load the new coupons from Kroger onto your card. A lot of these you can use with traditional coupons to double your value. I just loaded $185 worth of coupons on my card without having to clip a single coupon!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weight Loss and Exercise

I have decided to get into shape in the 2nd half of this year. And no, round is not a good shape. I have 85 lbs to lose by the end of the year. Not a hard goal but it will take some effort. I have already increased my exercise and I am working on my diet as well. I love the Wii Fit. I started at 285 and am already at 279.5.

Coupons - Jose Ole $1 printable

Wolfe's Pens -N- Things - Newest Pens

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153 Gunmetal and Chrome Diplomat II Twist Pen with Pheasant Feathers - $62.00

156 Chrome Slimline Twist Pen with Crushed Silver and Chrome Cross Clip - Sold

Dad Life

Saw this awesome video of a great song that came from

Here is the video:

You Tube Video

Wolfe's Pens -N- Things

We wanted to let our customers and fans know what we have been up to lately with our company. We may start doing shows in the very near future and when we do, we will post where we will be as well as the dates of the shows. Right now Alicia and I are increasing our inventory as well as expanding it. We want to add many more products before we do shows. You can see what we have for sell right now at our website: For those that do not know we make handcrafted writing instruments and other handcrafted items.

Coupons - Inexpensive Hamburger Helper

Here is a tip for inexpensive Hamburger Helper at Kroger. Go to and load the Hamburger Helper coupon ($.75/3) onto your Kroger card. Then either clip the Hamburger Helper coupon that was in the paper or print the one online ($.75/3). You can use both at the same time. Kroger has Hamburger Helper for $1 each. With coupons it makes it $.50 each!