Friday, July 9, 2010

Garden 2010 - Photos

Click on images for larger photos

Pumpkins (We had to move these since they came through the fence about 4ft off the ground)

Kohlrabi (Not sure if this will finish growing)

Habeneros (Some like 'em hot)

Lettuce (Not much of this came up - did much better last year)

Corn (Very left is the corncob starting to form)

Watermelon (I really hope these grow)

Tomatoes (There are hundreds of these)

Green Beans

Corn (Over 6ft tall now)

Pumpkins (These flowers are the size of dinner plates)

Pumpkins (These are going everywhere)

Peas (Not doing too well)

Carrots (Not many of them came up)

Green Beans

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