Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Grow Room - 2012

We moved all of our plants in for the year and are growing them in our upstairs study. Here are some photos of what it looks like. Ignore the clutter, our study is also our storage room.

This is looking back towards the door on the right side. We are using 5 100w CFL bulbs as grow lights.

This is the right side. We still need to add lights to that side.

This are a couple of small flowering trees? that Rob's sister gave him. We are still trying to identify them.

These are our Canna Lilies. We brought them in, in a pot to see if we can get them to flower inside.

Tray 7
In the back is a Cherry Tomato and a Tomatillo. We are hoping the Tomatillo comes back. In front of them is a snake plant, Basil, and Aloe Vera.

Tray 6
Another struggling Tomatillo in the back. Basil, Aloe Vera, and Garlic Chive in front.

Tray 5
Yucca in back and Mini Pepper in front.

Tray 4
Another struggling Tomatillo in back. Basil and Snake Plants in front.

Tray 3
Last of the struggling Tomatillo's in back. Basil, Snake Plant, and Hens and Chicks.

Tray 2
Hoya - Rubra in back on left and Snake Plant in back on right. Front left is our pineapple and Hens and Chicks and front right is Purslane.

Tray 1
Purple Heart Plant in back. Hens and Chicks in front.

Trays 8 & 9
Our two herb trays. Basil, Chives, and Spearmint.

Tray 10
Aloe Vera in back, almost dead Begonias that Rob's sister gave him. Another Aloe Vera in the middle and a Christmas Cactus in front. Mystery plant in front. Started as Wrigley Spearmint but that died and this grew up. It may be a Sunflower of some type.

Tray 11
Two more Snake Plants and another Hens and Chicks.

Our Spider Plant is in our bedroom partly because we ran out of room and partly because we are going to start growing it's babies. We will be sticking each one in it's own pot to take root before removing them from the mother.

Look for more updates in the future. We have plans to add more things depending on room. We plan to grow some fruit trees and some more herbs soon.

We will be making a video soon as well giving you all a tour of the grow room.

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