Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Click the above link to make your own about.me page.
Just started using about.me page thanks to Bzzagent. You can use an about.me page as your personal homepage, online business card, or hub for your social activity. Sign up now and you can get 50 free MOO business Cards.
It was fairly easy to set up. Just pick a background photo, write a short biography about yourself, upload a photo of yourself, and pick links for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, and many others.  Every about.me page is customizable. I still have a few changes to make to mine.
We all have multiple profiles scattered around the internet, including a Facebook profile, LinkedIn page, and Twitter account. about.me enables you to point visitors to your content on the web from a personalized and dynamic splash page. Sign up for about.me today to receive a free pack of MOO business cards with a link to your about.me page.

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