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Coupons - Rite Aid Single Check Rebates - June 2011

Thanks to Stockpiling Moms for the following list:

The Single Check Rebate guides for June are in stores. Unless otherwise noted in guides, offers are good on purchase made today through July 28. Guides include more than $280 worth of rebates on items including offers on outdoors items, electronics, health care products, dental care aids, personal care items and vitamins.

Products featured in Rite Aid’s Single Check Rebate guide for MONTH
A & D Baby Ointment:  Tube, 4 oz., Jar, 1 lb.
Almay:   All Eye & Face Makeup Removers
AYR Saline Nasal Rinse Kit
Baby Phat Fragrances:  Baby Phat Goddess, Baby Phat Fabulosity. No rainchecks.  While supplies last.
Bahamas Resin Table:  39″  Not available in all stores.
Blink Tears 15 ml (Rebate only valid 6/5-6/11/11)
Brainstrong Adult:  300mg, DHA Softgels, 90 ct. May not be available in all stores.
Brainstrong:  Prenatal Softgels and Tablets, 60 ct., Toddler Packets, 30 ct., Kids Gummies, 30 ct. May not be available in all stores.
Brita Pitcher Filters, 3 ct.,  Classic Pitcher
Buy One (1)of Any Variety: Sally Hansen Leg Make-up Product AND Purchase One (1) of any variety: Sally Hansen Bleach or Depilatory. Rebate only valid 6/5/11 – 6/11/11. Both items must be purchased to qualify towards rebate.
Clorox Household:  Liquid Bleach, Liquid Bleach Fresh Meadow, Pine Sol, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Disinfecting Wipes, Clorox Clean-ups,Liquid Plummer or Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tabs
Compound W:  Freeze Off, 8 ct., Freeze Off Plantar, 8 ct.
CryoSTAT: Hemorrhoidal Relief, 6 pk
Dramamine:  Tablets, Chewable, 8 ct., Tablets, Original, 12 ct.
Ensure:  High Protein Shakes, 4-pack
Excederin:  Any 50 ct.
Ex-Lax 24 ct.
Finesse Clean & Simple:  Conditioner, Normal or Dry, 10 oz. Rebate is not available on all Finesse brands.
Folding Side Tables.  Not available in all stores.
Fresh Step:  Cat Litter, Regular or Scoop Box, 14 lb.
FUJI Digital Camera, 12 to 14 Mega Pixels with 3X Optical Zoom. Models may vary by store
Gas-X 18-20 ct.
GE Lighting:  Reveal Light Bulbs
Glad Tall Kitchen Bags: Select Sizes
Got2B:  Fat Tastic Dry Shampoo, 4.3 oz., Fat Tastic Mouse, 8.5 oz., Rockin It Hair Spray, 9.2 oz. Only items listed / pictured will qualify towards rebate. Rebate only valid 6/26-6/28.
Green Works:  All-Purpose Spray, 32 oz., Glass Cleaner, 32 oz.
GUM:  Crayola Power Toothbrush
GUM: Crayola Timer Light Toothbrush
Itch X: Hydrocortisone Lotion, 3 oz.
John Frieda:  Full Repair Styling Items
Juven Orange Drink Mix, 14 ct.
Kingsford:  Lighter Fluid, 32 fl oz.. Charcoal, 12.5 or 16.6 lb.
KIWI Shoe Care:  KIWI Shoe Care Items.  Includes: Black, Brown or Neutral Express Sponge or Black, Brown or Neutral Cream Shine No Buff.
Lamisil AT:  Cream, 30 gm, 1 oz., Gel, .42 oz., J1 Cream, 30 gm .42 oz., Continuous Spray, 4.2 oz., ATJ1 Continuous Spray, 4.2 oz., Spray Powder, 4.6 oz.
Lice Shield:  Gear Guard, 5 oz.
Luster: Tooth Whitening Kit
Maalox 12 oz. or 90 ct.
MagnaRx: Diet Supplement, 2-pack
New Skin Poison Ivy
New Skin:  Liquid Bandage, .3 oz. or Spray, 1 oz.
NonyX Nail Gel
PRELL:  Prell Conditioner, 13.5 oz. Rebate is not available on Prell Shampoo.
Resin Adirondack Chairs.  Not available in all stores.
Rite Aid Adult Incontinence:  Protective Underwear, 14-20 ct., Belted Undergarments, 30 ct., Guards for Men, 52 ct. or Briefs, 14 ct., and Bladder Control Pads, 36-60 ct.
Rite Aid Brand Water Filters:  Water Filters, 3-pack
Rite Aid Hand Eze:  Hand Eze Flex Fit, Small or Medium
Rite Aid Sonic Toothbrush with UV System
Rite Aid Tugaboos:  Mega Pack Diapers and Overnites.  Rebate is only valid 6/19/11 – 6/25/11.
Rohto V Eyedrops, 13 ml, or Soft Lips twinpacks
Skin Care Health Platform
Staphaseptic FA Gel, 2 oz.
Stuart Prenatal Vitamins:  Vitamins, 100 ct.
Tecnu Poison Ivy:  Tecny Poison Ivy Skin Cleanser, 1 oz., Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub, 4 oz., Rash Relief Spray, 6 oz.
Terrace Rose Resin Love Seat. Not available in all stores.
Wartner:  Original Wart Removal Kit
Zyrtec Allergy Rewards Program

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